How I see Birth:

My Birth Stories

I'm a mom of three, I've had one partially medicated hospital-birth overseas, one fully medicated hospital-birth and an unmedicated home-birth induction. All three were equally as beautiful.

What about YOU?

My goal for you is to have the birth of YOUR dreams, whatever that looks like for you. I pray you have the support you want, need, and bring your baby Earth-side however you choose. My goal for you is to have all the information needed to make sound decisions surrounding your birth experience.

What's a Doula?

A doula brings physical, emotional and educational support to your birth space.

What makes your Doula Care Different?

In addition to the physical, emotional, and educational support, I also provide spiritual support during labor. My philosophy is that birth is not a medical event, but birth is a spiritual event. So, I began learning how to support families spiritally in addition to the support I learned in Doula training.

If you're looking for a Christian Doula who will honor and respect you, your birth plan, provide you with information so you can make informed decisions, and bring Holy Spirit into your birth space- I'm your girl.

I'm not looking for a Christian Doula.

I understand I am not for everyone. If this is the case, keep looking! There's a doula for you, and you deserve to have your ideal person supporting you in your birth. For a refrence list, please contact me and I'd be happy to provide it to you.